Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

A better way to raise money, a better way to support innovation.

Masternode ROI (annual)

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Reinventing Crowdfunding

Bringing fundraisers and supporters together for seamless cryptocurrency fundraising, while creating a decentralized marketplace where everyone wins.



Launch campaigns instantly with our secure blockchain-based crowdfunding platform.
Fundraising Iustration

Campaign Helper

Support new and innovative projects on one easy-to-use platform.
Campaing Helper Ilust

Ichiba Holders

Earn rewards for purchasing a MasterNode and helping to secure the Ichiba network.

Holder I

The Ichiba Suite of Services

Ichiba offers a wide variety of services for campaign fundraisers and supporters, all built using blockchain and smart contract technology. This eliminates the need for an intermediary, making it possible for more efficient fundraising on one all-inclusive decentralized platform.

For Supporters & Investors​​​

For Supporters & Investors​​

For Supporters & Investors Project I



Create Campaign I

Launch campaigns to fundraise

Advisory and management I

Receive advisory and management services

Documentation I

Present investor and campaign documentation on one platform


Ensure KYC, AML, and all other applicable legal requirements

Funds Il

Ensure a larger share of raised funds reaching the underlying project


Technical solutions, including:

○ Smart contracts

○ Bancor protocol mechanism to enhance initial token liquidity

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