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Ichiba FAQ

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What is Ichiba?

Ichiba is a blockchain-based crowdfunding marketplace which brings together campaign managers, investors, and fundraisers.

What does Ichiba mean?

The word “Ichiba” (市場) is Japanese for “marketplace”.

How does it work?

Fundraisers launch campaigns for their projects to be funded in Ether. Funders and investors search the Ichiba platform for projects they are interested in funding.

How do I know projects on Ichiba are legitimate?

Ichiba vets projects before they are allowed on the platform and opened to investors and funders. Additionally, Ichiba retains a stake in each of the ICO projects listed on its platform, giving us a vested interest in their success.

What is the Ichiba Coin?

The Ichiba Coin (ICA) is a MasterNode coin which powers the Ichiba crowdfunding platform. ICA is used for a variety of actions on the platform, including funding projects, rewards for securing the network, and more.